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About North Florida Internal Medicine

Setting the standard for internal medicine in Gainesville

At North Florida Internal Medicine, our physicians are trained with the very latest clinical diagnostic and treatment tools medicine has to offer thanks to regular input and continuing medical education from more than 10 subspecialties. We serve patients who seek the very best primary care management.

Two physicians for the price of one

When you are seen in our clinic, you are seen by a resident physician who is energetic, passionate and wants to spend time with you, learning about your specific journey in healthcare. Rest assured, your care is always overseen by a senior attending physician with decades of clinical experience. Both of your physicians will be involved in communicating with and inspiring you. Your two physicians will be able to provide two independent sets of eyes, ears, and hands to verify your physical findings. In our clinic, we are providing you two physicians for the price of one.

Meet our Residents

Providing expert internal medicine care

Internal medicine physicians are the experts in "connecting the dots" in situations that challenge our current medical system. Many specialists consider us the “Sherlock Holmes” of the medical landscape and use us to assemble healthcare puzzles before they can get involved with their advanced treatment protocols.

Short wait times and same-day appointments

Currently in our clinic, due to the rapid expansion of new physicians, our wait time for office visits is better than nearly every primary care clinic in Gainesville. Many times you can be seen the same day or next day. We will ultimately have 45 resident physicians providing care in our continuity clinic. This is an incredible opportunity for you to bond with a resident physician / attending physician pair in your journey towards better health.

Unbiased medical care

In our clinic, we always provide you with the standard of care for your medical needs. We take very seriously the value of lifestyle changes which are at the root of the treatment protocols throughout all of the guidelines for management of chronic disease. We do not skip over these educational opportunities by jumping straight to medications. Given the current skepticism of pharmaceutical money in the healthcare system, we have decided to refuse gifts, meals, samples and other advertisements from these companies. We obtain our information from content experts, national guidelines and peer-reviewed literature. Patients are craving advice from an unbiased, well-trained, personalized and sympathetic physician. That is what we provide.

24-hour physician call coverage

We provide you with an online portal through which you can request office visits, request refills, and receive information and notifications from your physician. This is the HIPAA-compliant alternative to having your physician’s personal email or cellphone number that many patients crave. We also provide 24-hour physician call coverage for our patients because not all emergencies happen between 8am and 5pm.

Medical care designed for each patient's unique health needs

Our internal medicine continuity clinic provides care for the health-conscious 19 year-old as well as the 70 year-old with extremely complex care coordination and medication management needs. No patient is too complex for us.

We provide analysis of your health using a personalized approach. We want to understand the course of your life and what has led up to your health concerns. In order to offer lifestyle solutions that involve diet changes, sleep adjustments, movement and exercise prescriptions, stress resiliency techniques, and social group therapies, we have to understand who you are and what is important to you. That's why we have a 12 page clinical history for our new patients and often spend 40-60 minutes with our new patients. We encourage you to come for a visit and update us whenever your health changes.

Residents are not allowed to prescribe controlled medicines.

Quality time equals quality care

We understand that time with your physician is important to you. Because we are a teaching clinic, we are able to give you more time than most other primary care practices in Gainesville. This extra time allows us to provide you with education on how you can prevent problems as well as fix problems on your own. Hopefully, by empowering you to invest in your own health, you will gain confidence and independence and ultimately reduce your healthcare costs.

Location Hours
Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm